Downloaded a box from cutrocket

Hello, I downloaded a box from Cut rocket. When I load this file into Carbide Create, it looks great. I did add a pocket cut to relieve the tension on the bit. When I load the same file up into Carbide motion, it tells me that it will be cutting below the surface by .13 mm .
This happens even when I disable the only cut that touches the bottom of the wood at all it still says it will cut through by that much even though when you look at it in the simulation, it does not go through the wood at all?

Which box? Link?

Does your stock match the Job Setup? Dimensions?

How did you secure the stock and set zero relative to it?

Post a photo showing an attempt at cutting still in place with the machine at the zero (or a specified offset from that position)?

I realize the problem now so sorry!! I prefer using the bottom of my stock or the top of the table as my zero for Z and most people use the top. I’m not sure why it had such a small number there cause it was off by like 17 mm.!

If the file was set for top and you zeroed on bottom (Spoilboard) usually you get an air job. If you do the math of the project thickness maybe that will equal to your cutting through to the spoilboard if the project was set to top but you zeroed on the bottom. Either way problem solved.

In the past I have downloaded a few projects from cut rocket that were made with early versions of CC. Be sure you always save in the CC v7, which you likely did, because sometimes I have opened earlier versions of CC files and they dont open or have other problems. Usually just opening the file again will open and you can save it in current version you are using.