Drag Chain Bracket Mounting hole locations?

Just received my Z Plus upgrade. I think it’s cool that Carbide3d included other bits and bobs to bring older machines up to date. For example, X rail drag chain mounting brackets, pictured here:


My machine is older and therefore not drilled/tapped for the newer drag chain brackets. Stick-on gizmos were included, but I want to drill and tap holes. Can somebody tell me the distances from one of the ends of the X rail to the center of the three mounting brackets for an XL/XXL? In other words, where are the “factory” holes located so I can copy them? Thanks.

Measuring from the front of the machine:

left edge of the tail bracket ~126mm from left of inside Y1 plate

left edge of center bracket ~492mm from left of inside Y1 plate

left edge of right-most bracket ~730mm from left of inside Y1 plate

Perfect. Thank you.

While I’m at it…what’s the recommended way to get the new proximity switch wires through the drag chains? “Fish” them through or take the drag chains apart?

Open up the drag chains and relay all the wiring.

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