Drag chain mount orientation

Good evening folks. I believe I have a slight issue with the mounting bracket for the drag chain. Anyone that has put together their Shapeoko pro can possibly help. I think I’m dealing with a left-hand right hand type of issue here.

Looks like it. Is there one on the other side?


Turn left, no no your other left.

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I believe I have answered my own question after step six onto step seven box. Looks like I received two left hand mounting brackets for the drag chains. I turned left 17 times!!. Lol. All jokes aside this machine is well made for sure!! I will email support


I literally had the same issue when putting my Pro together this afternoon. Thought for sure I was crazy after watching and rewatching the assembly video!

I sent an email to support about it and they’re sending me the correct drag chain transition bracket.

Here’s the photo of mine I sent to support about the issue:


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