Drag chain support


Just sharing this support I made for the drag chain, it was being pushed all the time and was bothering me for a long time, for some reason the VHB tape did not work for me.

Designed and 3D printed and it works, just in case someone is having this issue.



My version of proper drag chain support.



wow, are you building robots overthere? :wink:

looks awesome!

very cool. we just got an XXL and I went through the same struggle.

I had some Nitto double sided tape handy for fixturing and a thin bit of aluminum angle (3/4") at Home Depot. Taped down on the top backside of the X axis extrusion - extended the top platform for the chain to ride.

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I actually cut mine out of 3" aluminum square tube stock.

Nice, simple solution to this! I’m going to print one for my XXL. Why didn’t I think of that myself? :thinking:

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Yep, that was the idea, design something simple.

I was planning to print 2 or 3 but it looks like only needed one :slight_smile:

Looks great. I will be looking for alternate materials. Thanks.

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