Drag knife gcode

I’m trying to use the Donek tools drag knife box maker and the code looks fine but Carbide motion doesn’t like it because it doesn’t have feed rate stuff, is there an easy way to fix this?

G00 X0.563 Y0.500 Z0.225
G01 X0.563 Y0.500 Z0.000
G01 X1.025 Y0.500 Z0.000
G02 X1.225 Y0.300 I0.000 J-0.200
G01 X1.225 Y0.200 Z0.000
G03 X1.425 Y0.000 I0.200 J0.000
G01 X1.725 Y0.000 Z0.000
G03 X1.925 Y0.200 I0.000 J0.200
G01 X1.925 Y0.300 Z0.000
G02 X2.325 Y0.300 I0.200 J0.000
G01 X2.325 Y0.200 Z0.000
G03 X2.525 Y0.000 I0.200 J0.000
G01 X6.725 Y0.000 Z0.000
G03 X6.925 Y0.200 I0.000 J0.200
G01 X6.925 Y0.300 Z0.000
G02 X7.325 Y0.300 I0.200 J0.000
G01 X7.325 Y0.200 Z0.000
G03 X7.525 Y0.000 I0.200 J0.000
G01 X7.725 Y0.000 Z0.000
G03 X7.925 Y0.200 I0.000 J0.200
G01 X7.925 Y0.300 Z0.000
G02 X8.325 Y0.300 I0.200 J0.000
G01 X8.325 Y0.200 Z0.000
G03 X8.525 Y0.000 I0.200 J0.000
G01 X12.925 Y0.000 Z0.000
G03 X13.125 Y0.200 I0.000 J0.200
G01 X13.125 Y14.800 Z0.000
G03 X12.925 Y15.000 I-0.200 J0.000
G01 X8.525 Y15.000 Z0.000
G03 X8.325 Y14.800 I0.000 J-0.200
G01 X8.325 Y14.700 Z0.000
G02 X7.925 Y14.700 I-0.200 J0.000
G01 X7.925 Y14.800 Z0.000
G03 X7.725 Y15.000 I-0.200 J0.000
G01 X7.525 Y15.000 Z0.000
G03 X7.325 Y14.800 I0.000 J-0.200
G01 X7.325 Y14.700 Z0.000
G02 X6.925 Y14.700 I-0.200 J0.000
G01 X6.925 Y14.800 Z0.000
G03 X6.725 Y15.000 I-0.200 J0.000
G01 X2.525 Y15.000 Z0.000
G03 X2.325 Y14.800 I0.000 J-0.200
G01 X2.325 Y14.700 Z0.000
G02 X1.925 Y14.700 I-0.200 J0.000
G01 X1.925 Y14.800 Z0.000
G03 X1.725 Y15.000 I-0.200 J0.000
G01 X1.425 Y15.000 Z0.000
G03 X1.225 Y14.800 I0.000 J-0.200
G01 X1.225 Y14.700 Z0.000
G02 X1.025 Y14.500 I-0.200 J0.000
G01 X0.200 Y14.500 Z0.000
G03 X0.000 Y14.300 I0.000 J-0.200
G01 X0.000 Y0.700 Z0.000
G03 X0.200 Y0.500 I0.200 J0.000
G01 X0.563 Y0.500 Z0.000
G00 X0.563 Y0.500 Z0.225
G00 X1.125 Y0.500 Z0.225
G01 X1.125 Y0.500 Z0.063
G01 X13.125 Y0.500 Z0.063
G00 X13.125 Y0.500 Z0.225
G00 X13.375 Y7.375 Z0.225
G01 X13.375 Y7.375 Z0.094
G03 X13.375 Y7.625 I0.000 J0.125
G01 X13.125 Y7.625 Z0.094
G00 X13.125 Y7.625 Z0.225
G00 X13.125 Y14.500 Z0.225
G01 X13.125 Y14.500 Z0.063
G01 X1.125 Y14.500 Z0.063
G00 X1.125 Y14.500 Z0.225
G00 X0.875 Y14.875 Z0.225
G01 X0.875 Y14.875 Z0.094
G03 X0.750 Y14.750 I0.000 J-0.125
G01 X0.750 Y14.500 Z0.094 0
G00 X0.750 Y14.500 Z0.225
G00 X1.125 Y14.500 Z0.225
G01 X1.125 Y14.500 Z0.063
G01 X1.125 Y0.500 Z0.063
G00 X1.125 Y0.500 Z0.225
G00 X1.500 Y0.250 Z0.225
G01 X1.500 Y0.250 Z0.094
G03 X1.750 Y0.250 I0.125 J0.000
G01 X1.750 Y0.500 Z0.094
G00 X1.750 Y0.500 Z0.225
G00 X2.125 Y0.500 Z0.225
G01 X2.125 Y0.500 Z0.063
G01 X2.125 Y14.500 Z0.063
G00 X2.125 Y14.500 Z0.225
G00 X4.500 Y14.750 Z0.225
G01 X4.500 Y14.750 Z0.094
G02 X4.750 Y14.750 I0.125 J0.000
G01 X4.750 Y14.500 Z0.094
G00 X4.750 Y14.500 Z0.225
G00 X7.125 Y14.500 Z0.225
G01 X7.125 Y14.500 Z0.063
G01 X7.125 Y0.500 Z0.063
G00 X7.125 Y0.500 Z0.225
G00 X7.500 Y0.250 Z0.225
G01 X7.500 Y0.250 Z0.094
G03 X7.750 Y0.250 I0.125 J0.000
G01 X7.750 Y0.500 Z0.094
G00 X7.750 Y0.500 Z0.225
G00 X8.125 Y0.500 Z0.225
G01 X8.125 Y0.500 Z0.063
G01 X8.125 Y14.500 Z0.063
G00 X8.125 Y14.500 Z0.225
G00 X10.500 Y14.750 Z0.225
G01 X10.500 Y14.750 Z0.094
G02 X10.625 Y14.875 I0.125 J0.000
G01 X10.875 Y14.875 Z0.094
G00 X10.875 Y14.875 Z0.225
G00 X0.000 Y0.000 Z0.225

Edit in the feed rate along with the balance of the preamble at the top?

You know, if a bunch of people asked nicely at support@carbide3d.com maybe we could persuade the powers that be to add support for a drag knife to Carbide Create…


In correlation to the fish/fishing-pole analogy…Where did this code come from? Did you just copy and paste it (looks that way), it there some software that is generating it? Because there are other things missing (several modal gcodes and a proper ending (closing)

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Donek tools has an excel sheet that will generate gcode based on the size of box u put in.

I’m having a hell of a time finding an easy way to do this. The processing seems easy unless you have no idea how the coding work IE like me.

I see…but what Post Processor (GRBL Friendly) are you using to post your file?

There are some other tools for this:


Nothing. I’m generating the code directly from the sheet

@WillAdams The wiki is how I found the excel sheet in the first place.

It seems there is no easy solution here at this point.

There are a few easy options. All you need to do is find a CAM program that you already use and import it. OR purchase the Fusion add on for $10… There are a few YouTube videos for support.

Did you try the dxf2gcode utility?

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