Draw a basic heart

Hi all -

Seems like one of the shapes that is missing is a heart.

I’ve done a bunch of these for different projects and figured I’d throw together a quick video of how I’ve generated them.

I essentially add two circles that are the same diameter as a square. For instance, if your square has a side dimension of 3", then you’ll need a radius of 1.5".

Hope this helps someone:


Where can i find the video?

It is at:

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Note that Carbide Create now has a number of hearts at:


or one can use a dingbats font in current versions of Carbide Create

and this shape is easily drawn with the curve tool:

First, draw the rough outline using the polyline tool:

go into Node Edit mode:

select the nodes which are at extrema and need to be smooth:

“Toggle Smooth”

Drag the off-curve nodes around to create the desired shape:

select the nodes which remain:

“Toggle Smooth” so as to get nodes:

alt-drag the off-curve nodes to create the desired shape:

Here is the file:

heart.c2d (44 KB)

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