Drawing lines at specific angles in CC

I think a big part is ambiguous questions. “2 lines, 120° apart.” can mean a lot of things. Could look like a V, a chevron, even an X. Where & how are the lines oriented?
Not that it’s a bad thing, because you get multiple solutions that could fit many situations.

To separate the meat & bones from the fur :wink:

Again, a cat, why?
Reasoning for my not understanding.
I went squirrel hunting with friends. I shot maybe 10 cans.
Not a hunter.

The question was two lines intersecting at 120 degrees, which had no ambiguity at all.

Hmmm, I suppose the question, “Is it possible to do this in Carbide Create?” is pretty straight forward. The answer is simply, “Yes.”

The statement, “I need to draw 2 intersecting lines at an angle of 120 degrees.” seems pretty ambiguous to me. Again, how are the lines positioned? Do they intersect at the ends? Are they the same length? Are they at even angles from the workpiece?

You’re right to simply answer the question no further information is required. But to demonstrate it & choose a method that achieves the result he’s looking for… he’s got some 'splainin to do.

It’s impossible to make a cat fur coat with squirrel skins. :smiley:

The question lacks context, perhaps, but I don’t think it could be less ambiguous. Every solution is identical in topology.

Is this a matter of grammar / semantics? Or perspective?

Are you saying I’m using the word, “ambiguous” incorrectly? “Precision of language”?
This is entirely possible. English was not my strongest subject. But geometry was right up there :wink:

Or are you saying the sentence, “I need to draw 2 intersecting lines at an angle of 120 degrees.” is clear. When I’m saying the overall request is ambiguous?

There are many solutions to the request. And how you approach the solution depends on the desired result.


“I told my wife, if I say something that can be taken more than one way, and one of those ways pisses you off, I meant it the other way.” :slight_smile:

Only four of those examples intersect. Other than that, they are all the same and answer the question.

I think it’s drawn (pun intended) out enough.

If the question had been “how do I draw two lines intersecting at right angles”, I doubt the length or orientation of those lines would not have come into it.

My apologies to all who read this post.
It started off simple enough, but my side comment resulted in a disturbing graphic.
I think that post can and should be removed it has no relevance to the topic.

Are you referring to the one I posted in reference to the off topic discussion of the many ways to skin a cat? and why one would want to skin a cat in the first place?