Drawing with Shapeoko xxl

Good afternoon:
I finally finished assembling Shapeoko XXL and ran Hello Wold tutorial. And I was wondering how to exercise myself drawing something with the pen before getting into carving. I tried to see the code of hello world file, but for some reason, Carbide Create could not open the file. What I just want to do is write down in a sheet of paper the names of my two kids with the pen using Shapeoko. Then, after that, I should be diving into carving wood.
Anyone can help me?
Thank you in advance.

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Mauricio don’t hesitate bite the bullet and do some real carving first up, it’s great fun.


My english is poor and perhaps I can not explain myself well. Have you seen the Hello World tutorial in which shapeoko draws its own name, and designed by carbide 3D over a sheet of paper using a pen which came along with shapeoko package named Sharpie? Well, I just want to write my two kids names over a sheet using text tool in carbide create and shapeoko, the same way Hello World works for them to see how the new machine writes their names in a paper. That would be a very nice surprise for them and a step ahead for me, learning Carbide Create and using Shapeoko. Muchas gracias!

Hi Mauricio,

Sorry for the confusion here - I know exactly what you’re talking about - you just want to write with the machine!

The design part is easy enough:

  1. Open Carbide Create
  2. Click the text tool (looks like a T)
  3. Type your Child’s name
  4. Select the font you want
  5. Resize their name by adjusting the height or width

Once you are happy with the ‘design’ - you’ll need to add a toolpath.

  1. Click ‘TOOLPATH’ to enter toolpath mode.
  2. Select the text you added, then click ‘Contour’
  3. Set the target depth to 0.010"
  4. Select ‘No Offset’ for the toolpath type
  5. Give the toolpath a name and click ‘OK’

Save your gcode

Click Save GCode, and save the file somewhere you will remember.

Now you can open up Carbide Motion and basically follow the same steps as Hello, World. Just jog to the bottom left corner of the material, re-zero the machine, then run the job! I’ve attached a .c2d file to help get you started.

shapeoko-text-practice.c2d (3.6 KB)



Thank you very much Ed for your comment!!! And thanks to everyone for your support!