Drawing with the Nomad

Apologies if I’ve overlooked a tutorial for this somewhere.

Before I get started cutting with the Nomad, I’d like to draw with it on paper.

I don’t have a preference (pencil, pen, marker).

It’s been awhile for me on CNC, and I’d like to get the basics of XY movement down.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this, and what might fit the spindle collet?

I’ve tried Bic pen inserts, it needs to be fairly close to the paper, not much tolerance.

Also, I’m not 100% sure how to edit my toolpaths best in Carbide Create, since all the options involve end mills.

Is there a reason why Carbide Create encrypts the GCode files? I was thinking I would need to hand edit them to make sure the spindle stays off.

Using a pencil or marker is the typical option for the Shapeoko “Hello World”.

G-code files are encrypted so as to tie the software to Carbide 3D hardware, but said hardware allows one to get the plain text version: http://carbide3d.com/carbidemotion/userguide/#load

That said, the Nomad makes things really easy — just go ahead and do the wrench tutorial, it’ll be fine (and it you mess up, there’s enough material for a second try at least).

Thanks @WillAdams, I’ll look up that tutorial.

Any ideas on a marker that might fit the ER collet?

My inclination would be to try a pen refill for a multi-pen such as a Rotring Quattro or Skilcraft B3 Aviator — or rig up a mechanism to hold it.

with an endmill inserted i could see a rubberband mounting point in my head.I like to draw some myself.