Dremels as cutting tools?

I figure I should ask all of the really stupid questions right up front so they are out of the way. I was wondering if I could use Dremel cutters in my CNC machine if I install the 1/8" collet and if they will work where could I find the feeds and speeds for cutting with them? On the same idea, what about the cutters for my regular router? Some of them have 1/4" shanks

They should work just fine. Just don’t use the router bits with guide bearings or Dremel bits with parts that could fly off or shatter like the cutoff wheels. You don’t need projectiles leaving the 20,000rpm router.

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Some router bits can be used, but:

  • nothing that uses a bearing
  • bit should be able to plunge cut at least as much as your DOC

Experienced users may be able to violate these guidelines, but it’s not for beginners

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So C3D has their stock tool databases. For a custom tool start with a stock C3d tool equivalent. So an 1/8" down cut or 1/8" upcut use the #102 as a starting point. For a 2 flute 1/4" bit start with the #251 down cut bit and maybe reduce slightly and increase as you feel comfortable. I have some Frued bits and have went to their website and they have F&S calculators for their bits. I have never gotten a reasonable estimate from their website. The estimates from Frued might work on an industrial CNC but for a Shapeoko they are 3-4 times greater in IPM and DOC than C3D would ever recommend. So be careful going to the OEM website and using their calculators because they are not considering the type of hobby machine you are using.

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