Drill Bit Settings

Hey guys,
I have the basic ball/endmill 0.125"/0.063" tools that I bought with my Nomad and wanted your feedback on drilling small holes. After surfing this forum I found some tools that seem perfect since they fit right into the chuck and can get into holes that the 0.063" milling tools can’t get into.

Now I am working on using these tools and have a couple questions about how to properly drill using MeshCam with the Nomad,
-Is there a good way to input drill settings as a new tool? So far I have just been adding tools and calling them ballmills with small values for all of the settings irrelevant for drilling, but is there something more drill oriented?
-In the drilling menu are there some guidelines I should follow for setting RPM and plunge rate? I found this site, but wanted to hear from someone with some experience before diving in: http://www.daycounter.com/Calculators/GCode/Feed-Rate-Calculator.phtml