Drill depth changes during the toolpath run

While drilling holes for a Wahoo board, the hole depth changed from the setting of .210 to what looks like a small peck. Using a Pro 5 2X4 and Carbide Create Pro with Carbide Motion.

What causes this to happen? I made three other boards this morning with no issues.

Is the tool being driven into the collet because it is not sufficiently tightened? (Note that we recommend using the button only to hand-tighten so that things will stay in place while one fully tightens w/ a pair of good quality wrenches).

Could the machine have lost steps due to mechanical interference?

Tool damaged or dull or broken?

What happens if you re-send just the hole toolpaths?

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As @WillAdams mentioned it sounds like your bit is slipping. To verify this after inserting the bit into the collet at least to the top of the collet and tightening with two wrenches (Makita/C3D) put a magic marker at the top of the bit where it meets the collet. That will help you visually tell if the bit has slipped. The other thing that sometimes happens is the retract height is too high and you are loosing steps on the Z when retracting and hitting the mechanical limit of the Z. However that usually causes the bit to plunge too deeply.

I don’t have button where the collet and collet nut attach to the router. Not sure what you are talking about there. I use two wrenches to tighten the nut over the collet.

I’ll try tightening the end mill more and run the file again.

Here’s what the issue looks like. All holes should be the same diameter and depth.

Investigated this further, the endmill and collet were overheating and then the endmill slipped. Updated the plunge rate and rpm corrected that problem.

The even better news is that I found the button that was suggested! Didn’t know that was a button and obviously didn’t know what it is for. I will use this button from now on to get endmills seated and the collet nut tightened enough to finish with the two wrenches.

Thanks for the help.

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