Dumb fusion 360 question

I’m trying to do a contour in fusion 360. Previously I swear there used to be an offset - inside/outside function but for the life of me I can’t find it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Are you looking for ‘Stock to Leave’ on the passes tab?

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@Luke A contour path should follow a contour in your model unless you set to leave stock for another pass. Can you explain what you’re trying to do?

I know VCarve gives you those options, maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?

Otherwise @pdx_curious suggestion will work.

Under CAM I think its the stock to leave function.
Under Sketch its the offset function (“O”)

Thanks guys, I just re-looked at it and stock to leave looks like it will do what I want. It’s not what I remember but it should work.

I have use the offset function in sketch and it’s pretty good.

My goal is to surface my waste board - but that always leaves little wave like marks around the outer edge so I want to run a finishing pass on the outer edge.

I’m doing some 3D Fusion stuff now.

CAM. In 3D, Parallel, Geometry there are options in Machining Boundary - inside, outside, center.

Is that what your thinking of?


That setting @Griff mentioned is in all 3D operations including contour, I believe. I had it in my head that @Luke was trying to alter the actual contour.

That was exactly what I was thinking of! However it’s not in 2d just 3d.

I managed to do what I needed using offsets and multiple too paths.

I managed to surface my waste-board and some :smiley:

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