Dummy report form a one year novice

I have had my machine for more than one year. I love this machine XXL Pro. Carbide has been great with me, helping when I did not think they should.

I have cut many a project. Been very happy as I learn. Recently I had a bearing go bad, ordered a new router. Got here in record time. Blah blah, I could go on for a long time.

When the new router arrived I looked at it and came to a damning conclusion. A rookie mistake that CNC’rs might have made ONCE.

I was putting the collet in backward. My son is a machinist, my brother is a machinist. No one saw me F@#$%^& up when I installed a bit. I had no problems. Bit was secured (not correctly) with no slippage. The projects came out good. By the grace of God, I survived.

Looking at the collet on the new router I fingered that the small end went up. I was wondering why people were mentioning why their bits fell out when loosened. I probably miss formed the collet by torquing it.

Free kicks are welcome, just go right, my back hurts on the left


Hey, it happens. Your brain makes decisions. Your experience corrects them. :smiley:


What a wonderful response from Tex. I’m saving that for myself.

No kicks - anywhere - just one more step in the learning curve.

Thanks for sharing your experience.


My favorite version:

“Good judgement come from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.”

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I came this close to doing this exact thing when I recently got my Shapeoko. I have no experience machining and don’t really know anyone who does. Once in high school I left a key in a drill press chuck, turned the drill on, and the key shot through a wall like a bullet, which left quite an impression with me. So I was a bit nervous about this collet situation and just googled which way to put it in to be sure.

My favorite quote on this general topic:
“A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.”

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To each his own. I wasn’t quoting anyone. :smiley:

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