Duplicate items

When I go to duplicate items across a board, everything works great…except, the tabs for holding the cutout in place. I’ve grouped everything multiple times and tried all I can do to get the tabs to dupe with like the original, but no luck.

Everything else copies fine. I even downloaded the latest version of CC and even used the linear array, but nothing seems to get the tabs to copy.

Is this something I’m doing wrong or the s/w just can’t do?


At this time, tabs are not included when objects are duplicated and will need to be recreated.

@robgrz This would be a good v7 feature to add in…would make my wish-list!

It’s on the todo but it requires some big changes and a file format change before we can do it so v7 would be the soonest.


Excellent and thanks everyone. Not a problem and glad at least it wasn’t my error…this time as it usually is. :grinning:

Well, you know…that’s your own fault! :slight_smile:

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