Duplicating a Tool Library to another Machine

First, please don’t send me the link regarding sharing tool library through dropbox, etc. How to sync your tool library with basically any cloud solution (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) - Windows only, sorry!

That is not what I want to do.

I just want some simple step by step instructions on how to copy and paste my “custom” tool library that is on one machine (desktop) over to my shop laptop so that when I start to create a toolpath on the shop laptop, I can see my tools.

Apologies in advance. I have searched and cannot find this information. I can find the file in app data on my desktop, but when I cut and paste it to the laptop, I cannot see the tools in the tool selection menu on the shop laptop.

Post the .csv files and the filepaths on the two machines?

Not sure, Wil.

If I copy and paste, the "Excell, ie CSV file) it shows up in the folder directory; but when I try to “edit tool” in the CC interface, I cannot see the pasted file in the tool library. I’ve tried creating a new library, etc.

Basically, I have a new laptop that I am using to work with in my shop. My CC cut files are created on the desktop in my office area. I can open the files on my shop laptop from a thumb drive, but if I want to edit a tool without returning to the office desktop, all I get is a list of the stock CC tool libraries on the laptop, even after pasting in the CSV file…


Did you quit and restart Carbide Create?

Quitting and restarting does the trick. Thanks, Will.

Now, the steps to follow in case others want to do the same:

    1. Open CC on the original computer containing the user tool base.
    1. Navigate to the data file by clicking Help > About > Open Data Directory
    1. Navigate to tools by double clicking Carbide Create, then Tools.
    1. Copy the desired tool file in the Tool folder then save it to a portable drive.
    1. Open CC on the second computer. Navigate to the data file folder for that program by following # 2 and # 3 above. Copy and paste the file from the portable drive in the Tools folder.
    1. Restart CC on the second computer. The copied tool list should now be visible.

Again, thanks for the help.


Excellent response. Very useful for the next person who wants to do this.

My memory is poor so as I have aged I have become a practitioner of documenting processes :slight_smile: