During vcarve endmill raises up and cuts air

Using a Pro 5 2X4 with carbide create and carbide motion. During the vcarve of a name the end mill raised up and went through the motions of carving about .25" above the surface. Three of seven letters were successfully carved and then it just raises up. I stopped the program at that point.

Where is the origin set in the file?

How are you setting zero relative to the stock?

Please see:



I use a bit setter to set X,Y and Z. Lower left corner for X&Y and top of the stock for Z. I’ll watch the video, but it cut three letters correctly and then moved up. How will where I set origin make this happen?

If the file in Carbide Create and setup in Motion match, then it’s something mechanical — could the tool have been pushed up into the spindle? Or steps lost when trying to plunge due to mechanical interference?

EDIT: or as @mhotchin noted, an electrical issue.

Or, some mechanical aspect of movement — check the couplers and so forth — check in at support@carbide3d.com for a PDF on this.

Files match and the endmill was securely in place. When this happened the router raised up about .25" above the stock and continued to move as if it was cutting the toolpath. But it was all being done above the stock, didn’t come back down into the stock. I’ll give the machine a complete mechanical check and see if it could be something there. In the past week I have cut 9 game boards and have had issues with two. Each time something different.

Check motor connectors? An intermittent connection might explain things. Look for corrosion or signs of overheating.


Re-ran the file with just the name tool path and it ran successfully. The x axis is making a noise and vibrating. I’m guessing that is a separate issue. I tried to upload a .mov file, but that is not allowed.

It may be time to clean, tighten, and lube.

Good Luck

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