Dust boot bristles

Where is a good place to buy the Bristles for making a dust boot

Google conveyor belt brush. I think I bought mine from Grainger. G/L



Here’s a direct link to some good ones…2" long.


Just keep in mind that if your boot isn’t a fixed-Z type, the standard Z-mechanism might not have the oomph needed to push against those bristles and you might lose steps.

Yup. I made some lovely “rolling hills” on the bottom of a cribbage board pocket that was supposed to be flat.

This easy cut brush is what I purchased so I could have longer bristles on my suck it

I’ve been trying to find a decent source for a .008 diameter or smaller brush. I’m giving this a shot to see if it’ll be better than the SUPER STIFF bristles that came with my dust boot that cause my Z axis to jump if I need to plunge or use a small ramp.

My work-around has been to use nylon screen folded over on itself around nylon screen door spline. It’s not as effective at chip control as the brushes and it definitely doesn’t hold up long term, but it’s cheap and about 80% effective with no issues of Z-bounce at all.

What length do you require?

I got this one because I make my dust collectors out of wood and just staple through the fabric https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01566L3HQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1

Has anyone found any of a similar spec to the suckit dustboot ones?

I had a clamp-related incident and now need a new set…

Email the folks at Suckit, I believe they have a part number from McMaster Carr that works. Reason I know this is because I ordered extras and it was mentioned that it might be easier for me to order from them because I’m in the lower 48.



Thank you, will do.

I’m in Australia so local options are limited, for absolutely everything!

Phil, I’d be looking for a soft bristle (.006 ideally) in a 1" and 2" length to accommodate the varied depth of tooling I use. The screening works nicely for me because I can custom-cut to various applications, as needed, but it’s a very hacky solution.

Erin, you might want to search for “skirting pile,” which is a very soft sort of brush similar to a pile weather stripping, but available in longer lengths. They have various lengths and densities of this stuff, but it may be in tune with what you need. Good luck let us know what you find.

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I have had good luck with a dust brush product from Banggood. My application was for custom designed dust shoe that I 3D printed.
Their product number is : 1172528.

UPDATE: I found these guys via Google and this seems like it’s going to work:

Pretty cheap, can order by the foot (I ordered 2 feet to be able to trim back & get some custom lengths). I haven’t run it with the machine on yet and throwing debris, but the problem of the Z-axis skipping before the bristles bend under plunge is fixed. The strip I got from these guys is a combination of a finer pile and a slight inward lean (the other was straight up & down and just refused to give when pushed upon).

The one that shipped with my original boot had 0.011" bristles. The one I’m got has 0.006" bristles. The only question is that the channel is a little smaller than the boot was designed for, but this isn’t falling out. If I was worried a strip of electrical tape over the seal would get it pretty close to perfect.

I’ll report back later once I’ve had a chance to use it on a piece.

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Love the “Rolling Hill” title. Perfectly describes what I saw.

I solved it by changing my brush adapter design and it now works like a champ: Brush Adapter for Shapeoko Vacuum Attachment for DWP611 by tjcolejr - Thingiverse

I use this brush: McMaster-Carr

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