Dust Boot Recommendation Please

After milling a couple of MDF wasteboards I was reminded that I probably should redo that dust collection system I invested in. At this point I have a couple generations of Suck-it, the V1 sweepy (which had no suction), but I am willing to invest in the best current option.

My machine is an older XXL retrofitted with the HDZ. Using the Dewalt router. Suction unit is a Rockler wall mount with anti-static hose.

Sweepy v1 worked well for me (using a vacuum unit w/ a tapered hose which seems to be key to the narrower diameter intake), and v2 is even nicer, esp. when set up w/ a 2.5" hose.

I have a pair of supports made for the HDZ (v4) for my suckit that seems to work very well. There are a number of designs floating around and even some folks who’ll make them for you.

If you have access to a 3D printer, you could print the 4" dust shoe that attaches to the Suckit mounts. I am also runnning an XXL with HDZ and the 4" Suckit compatible shoe. Just a few parts from McMaster-Carr are needed to finish it off.

There may be a need for custom spacers, but if you measure the distance between the mount arms (if you decide to go this route) I could design the custom width spacers for you.

My favorite long-term boot is from https://pwncnc.com/

You could always go the Harbor Freight route…

This can be hung on the wall as well.

Uh … a dust collector (it isn’t really; it is a dust spreader) is not the same as a dust boot.

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I had a suckit clone and hated it. You had to remove the brush for every bit change. I found a good dust shoe with a 2.5 inch hose fitting on etsy. It is yellow like the Dewalt. I ordered a second brush because the original one was quite long and I wanted to trim it.

Your lack of suction may not be the dust show but your dust collector. The removal of dust is a function of CFM and not vacuum. In a perfect vacuum dust does not move. You need the Cubic Feet per Minute to be as high as possible with a given dust collection system. Using the spiraling dust collection hoses and long runs decrease the cfm caused by turbulence inside the dust collection host and you lose as much as 50% of your cfm from parasitic losses.

I have a cheap aerometer I bought on Amazon and I was surprised by the lose of air speed I got from at the source intake on my Jet DC1100 CFM collector to the actual dust boot on my Shapeoko XXL.

So if you could make a straight path with pvc pipe, keep the filter cleaned, add an Onieda Super Dust Deputy to keep filter clean it might improve the existing dust shoes you have.

Here is the Dewalt one I got off etsy that I like.


the boot that comes with the SO4 is fantastic so far, I have it hooked up to the little harbor freight dust collector (with a better bag) and it works great, very little dust escapes

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