Dust collection for Nomad3?

Hi, just got the Nomad3 and thinking about Dust collection. I have the nomad and laser cutter to make that happen. Any thoughts and idea?

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@wmoy mentioned a thing in the livestream.

About 39:30 in.

Edit: fixed timestamp.


So I’m still trying to figure out how I want to do this for my own machine. This is the latest prototype dust collection experiment I have put together.


The intent is to clear away the airborne particulates that would otherwise cause hard to you or the machine, not to catch all chips. You’d need something with brushes for that.
Thumbscrews in the side of the spindle block can be used to lock this in at any height, but the flexibility isn’t infinite. there’s a finite range of adjustment here. This would be something you’d have to print. Interested to see what other people come up with…