Dust Collection recommendations

I have a Shapeoko XL with a suckit clone dust shoe. I also have an xxl with an arm overhead that supports my 2.5" dust hose. I call it the diving platform.

Its drawback is it is positioned at the back and IF I wanted to machine longer work I would have to remove and/or relocate.

So I have room on right hand end to make a boom to hold my dc hose. Can you post pics of how you solved your dust collection on an XL.

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My solution wouldn’t work on your mobile platform. I used the back wall (fixed) and the ceiling (sliding).

Dust Collection Holder detail

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Mine is a swinging arm from the back wall.
With no back wall make a mast that attaches to your mobile table to support the swinging arm.


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I have an XXL but I routed the hose up out the enclosure and to the side.

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Thanks for your replies. I saw a OneInfinity dust boom on etsy that I may try to somewhat replicate. The boom is plastic with alum tubes that afix to the front of the right corner and pivots with 3 parts to the arm. I cut some oak pieces today and drilled out 1.5" holes for some old conduit I have but the conduit is right at 1.5 or maybe just a hair thicker. So I will keep working on it and hope to see more pics of your solutions.

Onefinity CNC Vacuum Hose Boom - YouTube However with all options I would need it is $56.00. I have enough stuff to make one here in the shop and not have to wait.

I use a similar boom, I printed this one: Suckit Vacuum Hose Boom by Makerrmark - Thingiverse. Works great.

I dont have a 3d printer but I have a lot of wood. I had some 1.5" metal conduit for the mockup. The forstner bit is 1.5" and the conduit is very tight. Plus I think I will eliminate the two 45 degree angles and make a straight 90 degree, basically an upside down L. If the conduit works I will just give it a silver paint finish along with the oak pieces will also be painted silver or black.

The lower part of the pic is the rectangular base and then the two 45 degree with 90 degree will have the conduit in it and then one more section of conduit not shown that will terminate in the middle of the XL with a vacuum hose tied with velcro and/or wire ties and maybe the router power cord like the OneInfinity boom one. I am s till playing with the conduit lengths to get in the right place.


I had one of those garbage can separators. It worked ok until it got more than half full and it would suck up dust into the collector. I finally got an Onieda 4" Super Dust Deputy with the fiber collection can. It is much superior to the garbage can lid type. I think my garbage can lid came from Woodcraft. It had a piece of foam in the lid so I cut a round plywood base a little bigger than the bottom of the can. Then I cut out a circle with about a 2" rim open in the middle to fit over the black trash can separator and drilled 3 holes in top and bottom and used bunge cords to hold the lid on tight. Any air leaks make you lose efficiency and depending on where the leak is more dust into the collector instead of in the separator.

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Hey Guy…I realize you fixed your problem another way, but if your bag is getting sucked up into your collector, you just need to get a piece of firm-but-bendable plastic and make a liner to go just inside the circumference of the can. Put in your bag, then insert the liner and close the lid. The lid holds the liner down, the liner holds the bag. Put finger holes in the liner so it’s easy to remove from the bag when you’re emptying it.

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I used to have my dust collection set up very similar to yours. Then I ran a couple tiled jobs and, though they were narrow, they made me think about the possible interference. So to prevent that I changed mine from a single support in the center to one on each end with cross bars. My Shapeoko is on a rolling cart and the collection frame is mounted on that cart so where the machine goes, so does my hose (and spindle power and cooling tubes).The angle iron at Home Depot was $60 and the rest was carried over from my previous mount


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