Dust Collection Update

I have recently upgraded my dust collectcion. I have a Jet DC1100 and had a 30 gallon trashcan lid that was somewhat cyclonic. When the 30 gallon can got to about 1/2 capacity the saw dust started to be pulled into the primary bag and filter. This defeated the purpose of the second stage. I got an Onieda 4" Super Dust Deputy with attached 15 Gallon bucket. I looked at the 6" and 5" models but got the 4" because it eliminated a lot of adapters that would be needed. I have a 6" inlet that was already adapted down to a 4" and the hoses I use in the shop are 4". So far so good.

I saw the launch of the sweepy and was in need of replacing my dust boot. I had a model from TiteCNC on etsy.com but was unhappy with it. The design had an 1.5" dust port that I had made an adapter to 2.5". Plus the skirt around had gotten damaged and when in use a good part of the skirt was sucked up inside the dust port. I ordered another one from TiteCNC on etsy.com that has a 2.5" port and a brush and another attachment that is only vacuuming around the bit. I think this one will be good and increase my air flow. Plus I have the flexibility of changing out the brush when I want to see what is happening or want to film my activity.

The cost was $59.00 with free shipping. A little more than the new Sweepy but the design lets the lights on the Dewalt router shine through and reroutes the fan from the router out the side.

Here is the older design of the TiteCNC dust boot.

Both of the models use the screws that the lock button use on the Dewalt router. I am not thrilled about this but it seems to work. If I wear out the holes on the stop button I can get another one from Dewalt.