Dust Collection Upgrade

Upgraded the shop dust collection from shop vac to a Wen1300CFM collector. Pretty significant upgrade for my small shop. With that I finally got a chance to finish 3D printing the hose adapter from @CNCInspiration Max Berg. This thing is great and I was so excited to get it done.

Thanks again Max.


You are welcome and thanks for the photos! Nice to see my designs being used. What did you use to print with? I normally use Sunlu PLA.
Have to recommend the Rigid 200 CFM stainless shop vac for this setup, it is unreal how it lifts all dust and chips with the Sweepy plus a lifetime warranty. Best vac I have ever used…

I printed this on a Prusa i3 MK3 with Hatchbox Black PLA and very little supports, the only place I used supports was on the underside of the main/top bracket where the inner ring sits inside it. Everything else was no supports. It worked out great.

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