Dust hose dress with Suckit or similar boot

Having just installed my new Suckit dust boot I am interested in how others have secured/mounted their vacuum hose. This type of dust boot precludes strapping the hose to the spindle or the Z carriage. I am also interested how you support the hose so that it can freely move the length of the X axis (and to a lesser degree the Y axis). By the way I have a 3 XL. Photos of setups would be most helpful.

I dont have that dust shoe but the routing of my hose my help if you have an enclosure

Dj has his open and routed his hose like this

Thank you Mark for the feedback and the images. Unfortunately at the present I don’t have an enclosure to hang the hose from. Nor can I plastic tie it to the spindle as you have because the Suckit doesn’t move up and down with the Z axis.

What a nice installation DJ_Valenski has with the hose coming down from his ceiling. He too doesn’t have a Suckit or similar boot. I live alone and my 3 XL resides in the 3rd bedroom, I probably shouldn’t be fastening hoses to the ceiling even though I don’t have a higher authority to answer to!

I have two problems: 1) How and where do I fasten the hose to the movable X axis while leaving the Z axis to move freely. 2) How do I support the rest of the hose so that it has the full travel of that X axis. On point #2 I probably have to build some kind of cantilevered structure mounted on my dust deputy/vacuum trolly.

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cantilevered structure may be the way to go,there is a few members here with the same dust shoe as you,mabie they will chime in with some info and some pics,I remember talking to a few about that same dust shoe ill go back and look may take a day or so to find it, search here using “suck it” in the search bar and also try



wish it was more help.

Thanks Mark I do appreciate your efforts, I will do a thorough search.

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Rather than make a structure, I just place my vacuum on a stepstool higher than my machine.

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Now there’s an idea. Thanks Will

I use tig welding filler wire to hold mine up, but a metal clothes hanger would be just as good.

My hose has a make-shift anchor to the rear side of my Shapeoko table (and I mean make-shift), and my Dust Deputy bucket sits below. The hose is stiff enough to stay vertical unless the gantry is back at home position. I’ve had thoughts of carriage-based supports for the vac hose, but I’m still mulling over design needs.

Also using the SuckIt Dust Boot.

I made my own shoe for my XXL and ran my hose with a swivel in the middle.


Thank you all, especially for the pix. Some good ideas there. Now to implement, hopefully I will be able to add my pix when I have got it sorted.

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@patonclover Here’s a cool idea I found on the Suckit Dust Boot Facebook page that you might find useful:

There FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Suckitdustboot/

FYI… I have Suckit Dust Boots on both of my machines and love them! Can’t live without them.

Thanks Jim. Now isn’t that interesting. Here’s what I eventually came up with which seems to work well. It is just a piece of PVC pipe (45mm from memory) that snugly fits the vacuum hose I had available.


Nice work… I had visions of a similar widget, however I ended up suspending the hose with some nylon cord into a ceiling joist screw-eye.


Just noticed this for some reason, are you still using it like this. I think this is the best solution yet, put it in the accessory contest. When I get back up and running (after Irma) I’m going to incorporate this into my setup slightly altered of course. Thanks Pat, great idea! Jude


Thanks Jude. Yep, still using it, it keeps the vacuum hose well away from movement. I am using it with a Suckit, not sure how it would be if your dust boot moved up and down with the Z plunging - ok I guess if you left sufficient slack in the hose. I use it in conjunction with a shop vacuum and a cheap Chinese Cyclone separator. The whole setup works a treat with very little dust in the vacuum bag or on the machine.

Thanks for the idea of submitting my hose-hold in the contest.

I am sorry to hear that you have been affected by Irma. Such a terrible loss by so many folk, No doubt it will take years for families to recover. I can only hope that you and your family have something to go back to and be able to pick yourselves up after this. Here in Queensland where I live we are not unfamiliar with the vagaries of the weather.

I thought it was like you folks get weather when you do but it’s all capital letters (WEATHER!!!). We wiil be fine (insuranced), only stuff damaged, my dust boot is to be redesigned destined to become just a nozzle pointed at the collet, built my own torroidal spiral separator which works funnominal (sp?) and my 30 yrs old kirby vacuum cleaner. For the up and down of the router I could always spring mount one side and pivot it where you have the block of wood. Thanks Pat

The natural bend radius of the hose seems to keep it from interfering with the routers movements. Super convenient!

I’m wondering if the added mass effects milling?

Since, I am in the process of considering how to build a better enclosure, I’m wondering how to integrate a dust collection hose into the side or top, whatever. Similar to the approach you have taken.

That reminds me, the local irrigation stores have many types of fixture hardware.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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No Tem, I haven’t noticed any change in performance one way or the other. Thanks for your comments and good luck with your design.

Here is a link to my post regarding my enclosure. I have my hose coming in from the top. The top of the enclosure takes most of the weight.