Dust hose ideas?

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Does anyone have a good source of anti static dust hose? Not a silly expensive $100 hose.

I just ran my first job on my large machine… needless to say the garage is now covered in dust and I need to use my dust boot. I hooked up my hover and all my hair stood on end. Pretty sure it will cause some issues…


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I should add I need between 1 and 2" diameter. I have nothing to hook 4" tube too

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I haven’t had any static issues, but I’ve seen where people have just run a conductor through the hose and grounded it along the way until you get to earth. Might be worth the experiment if you have some uninsulated wire laying around?


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My 2 cents:

Luke, in my experience, if your spindle is properly grounded, static caused by your vacuum is not an issue.

Suffice to say, been there done that on vacuum line grounding. I’ve seen zero issues from vacuum generated static since I grounded my DeWalt, and now my Makita. Sometimes my dustshoe looks like it’s growing hair and the vacuum hose in the enclosure the same. Some days here humidity is less then 5%, no problems.

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I tried that, lots of hose clogs.

Ground the spindle. :grinning:

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Well there ya go, experiment already complete, haha!!!


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Check out Bosch or Festool dust extractor hoses, those are available in anti-static and may be more available to you across the pond in 50mm size.

I just used a section of Rockler 2 1/2” anti static hose which worked well.

If you can get dust collector hose in 2 1/2” or 50mm with a wire coil, you can ground one end to dissipate the static electricity.

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