DXF File to C2D

I downloaded a DXF file from cncfiles.org. It is a heart box. What are the steps I need to take to convert it on Carbide Create (free version) and then cut it on my Shapeoko 4?

You should be able to import DXF vectors in CC using this icon:


And then it’s a matter of recreating the toolpaths at various cut depths to add the “2.5D” dimension (for a heart shaped box it is likely that for both the bottom and top parts you will have to create one inner pocket toolpath, and one profile toolpath around the outer perimeter to cut the piece from the stock material)

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It may be that the file will come in w/ unjoined vectors (indicated by being magenta):

if that’s the case, select them:

and use the Join Vectors command to close them:

I downloaded a file from there called Heart Box, and if it is the same file you downloaded, it isn’t going to be something you can cut on the CNC.
The file is an isometric projection of a heart box with the lid removed. It is not setup correctly for cutting on anything.
The good news is, it is very simple to create from scratch. Or better yet, get the file for a very similar project from Cut Rocket. Heart Shaped Box by jeclark

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