DXF Into Carbide Create

Maybe I just misunderstood this. But seems that whenever I open a DXF file, I never have seen a toolpath with it with it.
Do these DXF only contain the vectors and not the toolpaths? Or can they contain both so that it is an entire project that can be cut on the Shapeoko?

Toolpaths are only in the c2d file


Here is one definition of a dxf file:

What is DXF file?

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What is a DXF file? DXF is short for Drawing Exchange Format or Drawing Interchange Format and is a type of vector file. Engineers, designers and architects often use the DXF format for 2D and 3D drawings during product design.

The DXF and SVG files are only graphics files with nothing associated with them. A DXF and/or SVG file cannot have a tool path embedded in them due to their nature. A graphics artist has no need for a tool path because these files were originally created for use in the graphics industry. Luckily for us the vector graphics file format makes our lives easier when resizing a file and not having to spend hours redrawing an image because we want it .25" bigger.

The DXF file origin:

The DXF file format was developed in December 1982 by a company called AutoDesk. It was created to provide an exact representation of the data in the AutoCAD native file format. It is then adopted as the standard for data exchange (or data interoperability) between CAD programs.

The SVG File Origin:

SVG was developed by the W3C SVG Working Group starting in 1998, after six competing vector graphics submissions were received that year: Web Schematics, from CCLRC. PGML, from Adobe Systems, IBM, Netscape and Sun Microsystems. VML, by Autodesk, Hewlett-Packard, Macromedia, Microsoft, and Vision.

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