DXF Re-sizing for different material widths

Hello you beautiful people!

Happy New Year to you all !!

Been really busy with work but found some time to get on the machine and made so stuff around the house, always nice to fix things and make new parts from the SO3 :slight_smile: .

However i came into a bit of a jam, and i am sure there is a good way to do this but cant search of the answer as i am not sure what to ask.

The Problem

I have a file that is in DXF form, this was exported form Fusion and was sized for 3mm material, i do not have the fusion file (deleted by mistake and cant retrieve) so i need to resize the dxf to enable me to cut with thicker material.

But when i tried using some trial and error re-sizing with aspect ratio enabled etc i can get it to the correct size in terms of the overall WxH but the joins fingers holes etc are not sized correctly??

so a few questions

  1. is it possible to re-size the dxf to enable the finger joins holes etc to be sized for new materials?
  2. if one is True how do i do it lol
  3. am i way off the mark here and the DXF is exported at that time for 3mm and will stay that way regardless of re-sizing?

Thanks all in advance, as always any help welcome!, if this is not making sense please let me know, and i will try to explain in a different way.

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You mean you have slots and rebates and other features which are dependent on material thickness?

It would be necessary to either recreate the Fusion 360 file and reexport, or manually edit the geometry of the DXF to adjust for any change in material thickness.


Why not work backwards, and import the dxf file back to fusion to make your changes?

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well i mean now you have said that out loud i feel a little silly, never entered my mind to just import back into Fusion - See this is why this group is so good!!

Thanks Again to you both



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