E-Stop (Emergency Stop Button)

Hello all,
I have seen many posts online on people implementing an emergency stop button, by tapping into the controller, wiring to the PWM etc. Fact is that if you have Shapeoko or even a Pro you are either a hobbyist or a small business. My objective was simple, when things go wrong I needed to stop everything instantly. This means dust collector, machine, router, music etc. - all of it. I wanted to do it cheap (but still pretty). Also, I didn’t want the emergency stop button on the machine like a lot of people have. Why? Because, my computer is on a desk 10 ft away and in the time I walk over the 10 ft, the router can do a lot of damage, therefore I needed a button right where the computer is. Also, a lot of people have two cords coming into the Emergency stop button, I wanted one cord to have a clean look. So here is my solution and it works. Total cost about $35. You can do even cheaper but I wanted 15 ft cord from the extension to the outlet and another 15 ft cord from the extension to the emergency stop button to give me reach (plus I wanted the pretty braided nylon cables). The switch was from Amazon and rest from Home Depot. Here is a picture of the setup.

Instructions. You just have to add the switch between the power (Hot wire - non-flared pin) to the extension strip and use the NC switch on the Push button.

Hope it helps anyone new to CNC world and is looking for an Emergency Stop button and has similar requirements.

E-Stop … a time-honored tradition. :smiley: A right-of-passage. :smiley:

So, questions occur in my feeble brain.

  1. You added 30 feet to the power supply input? How much voltage drop does that create?

  2. What happens if you are at the router and all-hell-breaks-loose? :smiley:

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I had the same questions…so the answers in the validation by trying it out

  1. Measured…none in the scale that matters. I am sure there is something in the gazzlionth as all know the formula v=ir.
  2. I am not at the router…I sit at the computer and watch, though with this setup I have the flexibility of walking around my garage with the mushroom e-stop button in my hand so technically, I can be at the router with the button in my hand (ah ha! already thought of it). My Shapeoko is on a Rockler folding stand where if the bit breaks off it has a little way to travel before it hits me (it can still do damage at 10-15 ft. Now, even If I am at the router even with the kill button - Lord Mercy!). I already tested a scenario where router went awry and I hit the mushroom button…as expected everything came to a stand still instantly except the sound of a router slowly coming to a rest. Success! Now, just make sure that one powers the router down before releasing the red button and starting over again.

My solution is FAR from perfect, OSHA would probably still right me up because it’s wireless, but I went for an easy solution.

Belkin makes a power strip that has a remote.

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I thought of that but chose a wired vs wireless option…simple reason the wireless connection in my garage is spotty at best (home from 1925). Plus, when things go wrong one has split seconds. I didn’t want to chance where my e-stop switch was dependent on wi-fi/bluetooth connection. Cost wise wireless was around $80, so at $39 your solution is brill as long as it works reliably and when needed.

It’s not “WiFi” wireless, it’s just a (generic) wireless device that send a signal to the power strip. They claim 60ft range, I’ve never tried it beyond 20ft.

even at 20ft it is bloody good!

You could make an emergency switch stand alone with input power to the switch and a female electrical outlet and plug a power strip with Shapeoko and router plugged into strip. When you hit emergency switch everything goes dark.


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