E Stop switch works backwards

I purchased an E-Stop switch and it works, but backwards. Apparently I bought a normally closed switch. The only way to get my machine to work is to press the switch. When things start flying, the switch has to be rotated to “unlock it”. Is there any way to reverse the settings so Carbide Motion will work with a normally closed switch?

You should be able to go into MDI mode and set $5 = 1 to invert the limit switches.

See https://github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki/Configuring-Grbl-v0.9

I would get a Normally open switch, or just use the switch on the power cord?

PLEASE NOTE you can fry your swtiches by changing these settings:

$5 - Limit pins invert, bool

By default, the limit pins are held normally-high with the Arduino’s internal pull-up resistor. When a limit pin is low, Grbl interprets this as triggered. For the opposite behavior, just invert the limit pins by typing $5=1. Disable with $5=0. You may need a power cycle to load the change.

NOTE: If you invert your limit pins, you will need an external pull-down resistor wired in to all of the limit pins to prevent overloading the pins with current and frying them.

Oh, please ignore this. You said E-Stop and I read it as Limit. $5 won’t do anything for an E-Stop switch. Sorry for any confusion.

Hey terry,Depending on your switch you may be able to wire it a diffrent way,the one i have has 4 screws and if i wired it one way i was getting the same results as you but if i wired it on the other side it worked as intended

The E-Stop switch I have has 4 terminals. The blue side is for the wires going to the control board and it a NO (normally open) switch. The burgundy side is for the router common wire and is a normally closed switch. So when you push the EStop it turns off the controller and the router. I don’t have a picture handy, but here is a picture from another post on this forum that shows the EStop switch wired up.

I just tested mine today and am in the process of adding switches to turn on/off the router, the vacuum, and the LCD lights from the front of the cabinet. It will also have feed hold and EStop buttons. I wich the controller had a pin for resume.