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Hi all, I finally finished building my Shapeoko Pro. I have had an X-Carve for quite awhile and decided to “upgrade” to the Shapeoko Pro. I am somewhat (not a pro by no means yet) familiar with Easel Pro, which I have used for a number of years as well. I saw some conversations regarding Easel, however they are from quite a while ago, so am looking for some more recent experiences. Is it possible to use Easel Pro with the Shapeako Pro machine? I have been playing around with Carbide Create, and am not too fond of it yet. Probably due it being new to me. It appears just from my little time with it, to be lacking features that Easel Pro has. I could be wrong, so looking for some knowledge and feedback from those of you who are more experienced than I with it. Also, curious what program most of you use with the Shapeoko Pro. Are most sticking with Carbide Create or onto other software? Thanks!!


We recommend that you export G-code from Easel, then use Carbide Motion to send it to the machine.

What is it that you are able to do in Easel Pro which you are not managing to do in Carbide Create?

I think its just the look and unfamiliarity like I said. Accustom to Easel Pro and know where settings are easily. So I apologize if I seemed to make it sounds any different. Example, I was being diligent and going through the tutorial that came with the machine, and in Easel Pro, I can take the SVG I imported as well as the outside drawing and center everything with one keystroke. I was fighting to do the same in Carbide Create. I also have tons of files/projects in Easel, so I want to be sure I can just send the g-code to the Shapeoko. Thanks !!

To learn Carbide Create please see the videos at:


and I’ve written up a bit at:


If you’ll let us know the specifics of where you’re getting stuck we will do our best to assist.

Use what ever you like. Easel Pro should have a post processor to use BitSetter. As long as BitSetter works and you are happy then use it. CC had vastly improved over the years. I have not kept up with Easel so cannot comment on its features. However CC is free so try it. There is an advantage of CC is all of C3D tools are built in. Even if you are not using C3D bits a 1/4 down/up cut bit is pretty universal so you didn’t have to invent any wheels.

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