Easel setup Shapeoko XXL

I have some projects on easel and want to play around with some features Easel has but have questions regarding the setup.

I go to setup new machine and select Shapeoko 4 XXL, but on next screen it wants me to install driver and connect the machine.

I am VERY hesitant to do this and have questions for those that have done this. Does doing this, downloading and installing the driver, flash the machine or is just computer based? Will I be able to switch back to using CC and Carbide Motion or will I have done something bad by using this driver?

I DO NOT wish to run the Gcode from easel, I just want to be able to setup the machine parameter aka work size to setup a project and then export gcode and use Carbide Motion to run code.

During cm install c3d installs drivers for the Shapeoko so usb works correctly.

Asking your questions on Inventables community might get better answers.

However adding Shapeoko drivers likely will not make cm stop working. Many devices have multiple drivers like printers in apps that have thier own print drivers but the system drivers still work.

Easel will likely install libraries like the c3d MS c++ redistributal app/library.

If the easel install causes problems uninstall and reinstall cm.

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