Easier on the Eyes

One of the joys of being old is - well being old. Having said that it does come with its own set of issues. Mine are a set of eyeballs that don’t see those light pastel colors used by Carbide Create.

After months of squinting and zooming in on designs I found a solid background color was helpful to see those fuzzy almost invisible grid lines. If you are wondering why it took so long for me to figure this out see the first line of this post.

I created a file with the solid background which I use as my starting point when creating a new project. Then change the file name as I progress. The color I chose was called orchid orange but that is so subjective I will not even post it here.

Perhaps this will be beneficial to someone whose eyeballs aren’t what they used to be.


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I will have to try that. I have been having trouble with my sugar levels the longer the days goes and by midnight my eye sight gets quite blurry. I have been working with my doctor but this keeps happening and makes working late at night harder and harder. I work very late and seem to be most productive late at night. I am also partially color blind and have had trouble telling the different colors from selected to an open vector. One is red and the other is magenta which look like the same color to me. I worked for Kodak for 20 years and know color theory but most colors subtle color variations look the same shades to me. I will never make it as an interior designer.

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