Easiest way to machine this fillet

I have a small part that I need to machine a small .02" (.5mm) radius on both sides. I do not have a corner radius end mill but I can order one. Question: should I use a corner radius end mill or just 3D mill that area? Advice?

Trigger_Concept_01.zip (382.8 KB)

and be done with it lol. Good luck

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Thank-you for the link. That’s where I was leaning. However, I had to change the design somewhat so now it’s a little easier to make.

Looks more complicated to me. With the one radius stopping like that but… :+1:

Prototype, or final? Prototype, I’d try it 3D and see how it looks. You’re clearly going to need two setups, one from Z, one from Y. If you want to do the hole on the X axis with the machine, that’s a third. I’d be rather inclined to do the Z direction one, and knock off the corners by hand - a few seconds with a file and you’re there. You would still need to drill two of the holes by hand/drillpress, but that’s not too challenging. If you’re doing a few though, would be worth the jigs to do all three axis setups.

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Prototype. The final is reserved for my tool maker. It will be wire cut and the rest of the holes can be drilled on a manual mill…location is not super critical.

Anyway, I had envisioned 2 setups for this new piece on my shapeoko. 1st, to cut the overall shape and the hole near the larger fillet. 2nd, the part is flipped upright and mounted in my mini vice. I can easily edge find x,y,and z off of the flat surfaces with my probe. Afterward it’s just a 2d contour to get that fillet.

What actually happed is that I cut one out a few minutes ago. Instead of machining the radii I used my deburring tool to shape a radius/chamfer. Good enough for me. Since I was home, I used my dremel drill press to drill the holes on the right end.

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