Easiest way to make a contour with ball mill wider

im still very new but i keep finding myself needing to make the valley or contour cutout wider than the bit size. what is the easiest way to do this? i would love to specify like “do 3 paths, interior offset, without changing depth but move inward each pass” or something like that … hopefully that makes sense.

One of the easier ways would be to add extra geometry, using the Offset Vector command, then do a pocket between the two.

Select the original vector, then hit ‘Offset Vector’. Choose the direction (in this particular case, Inside), then decide how far away to make the new vector.

Once the new vector is created, select both the original and the new vector, then run a Pocket operation. It will run the tool in-between the two vectors.


makes sense … and probably more versatile method going forward.

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