East coast cnc help buddy

Hello, I am looking for someone on the EAST COAST near or in the Philadelphia area that is CNC savvy with the Shapeoko 3 that I purchased late 2019. We know what happened in 2020. I am in law enforcement and did not get the chance to learn how to use my machine. I am willing to pay ( a small fee :rofl:) for some help in getting the machine functional for me. Please ONLY SERIOUS replies. I really want to get this machine running before I retire next yr. It is collecting dust. I will have had it 2 yrs this winter. Thanks so much!!!

What is the current state of the machine?

What have you tried to do?

Have you worked through any of the tutorials?

Hey @WillAdams Don’t forget @KevBarn14 Kevin’s introductory skill-builder videos! They should be linked on the page you reference as well…maybe as the first two, as they set the foundation for many of the others?

The docs hierarchy is controlled by other folks.

I did link them at:


I’m not sure the OP asked for documents and guides. It seems to be more of a request for practical, on site help, which I understand isn’t available from Carbide3D.

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