eBook on Alan Peters (British furnituremaker and author)



(for folks not familiar w/ him, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Peters — he was an apprentice to Edward Barnsley, so represents a direct link to the Arts & Crafts Movement)

I remember reading The Technique of Furniture Making by Ernest Joyce: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2601012-the-technique-of-furniture-making from the library when I was much younger.

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What ! This price ???
LOL !!!

Far more affordable at ABE Books:


If you are interested, be careful that you get the book with the Alan Peters updates. The original version is still out there. I even saw $15US for hardback and $70US for paperback, but there are deceptive ads that don’t differentiate between the versions. All I saw are used.

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Yes but did you notice free shipping?

At that price, you only have to sell one! :smiley:

Yeah, there was an archery book which reached similar stratospheric pricing which I’d failed to purchase when I had a chance — unfortunately, the prices ratcheted up so everywhere, including ABE Books — it was cheaper for me to buy the right and do a reprint run of 100 copies than to buy a single copy.

I’ve been told that they quote astronomical prices when they do not have the items available, it keeps their place in the store and they don’t need to deliver and if they still get an order they can get one on a secondary market.

More typically it’s caused by Amazon pricing algorithms gone awry.

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