Edge finder for the Nomad?

So I cant find an edge finder for my nomad. I looked all over and just finding one with a small enough shank is hard. Finding one that is rated to work above 600rpm has proven not possible.

So, what are people using for their nomads?

it would be nice with a electric multi axis one… but I do mostly plastics and they work by conductivity right? (and all seems to have a 20mm shank)

So… DIY?

When it was in stock, we had a mechanical one which fits in a 1/4" collet:

(and the collet is available here: https://shop.carbide3d.com/collections/tools/products/25-er-11-collet-and-nut )

Ultimately there seem to be few choices for 0.25” shank edge finders.

Fisher Machine still makes these I think. https://littlemachineshop.com/products/product_view.php?ProductID=1961

If I was made of money I would be tempted to try and adapt the shank on the smallest Haimer zero master.

Otherwise for the adventurous sort there is this interesting project on cutrocket:

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Never used a wiggler but this Brown and Sharpe kit has a 1/4” shank:

I would not use a wiggler on a machine the size of the Nomad. The wiggler shouldn’t be run above about 1000RPM due to the heavy out of balance, but at 1000RPM, is will shake a lightweight machine pretty well. That presumes that there is enough clearance for the probe. Wigglers stick out a good bit.

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So not even the one you sell is rated for the nomads min 2000rpm. Well I’ll assume you’ve tested it to see if it disintegrates when you add 500rpm to the limit… :yum:

and yhea one of those Haimer would be nice but they seem to be to tall (and a bit over the top). That diy looks interesting but a lot of work… I guess we’ll see if I end up back there after some more searching.

In the back of my head I seem to recall the 2000 RPM limit was the limit of where it would have effective torque. I will note Carbide Motion sends M03S1000 (Spindle on CW, 1000RPM) when you select “Spindle On” whilst jogging. Don’t have a tachometer here to check, but it is interesting.

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