Edgecam for Shapeoko?

New to the forum and to Carbide.

Didn’t realize that the software that came with the Shapeoko XXL is strictly for 2D work. I plan to do 3D as well. I have a seat of Edgecam that i purchased in a previous life when i used to do programming for a model shop as a side gig.

Rather than investing in MeshCAM or other softwares, i’m wondering if i could use Edgecam and if anyone on here has done so?

carbide create pro can do some basic 3D.
(basic as in … it’s not F360 level but quite a few nice designs can be done)

there’s also a slew of free tools that can do things like CAM for STL files etc.

But if Edgecam can export gcode (grbl style) then it can just be used… at some point gcode is gcode,
at least within the grbl dialect

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