Editing G-Code in Carbide Create to Facilitate Tool Changes

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I am incrementally learning CC and working toward more complex projects. My present challenge is how can I control the tool retract height during tool changes ( I need to raise it up so I can get longer bits into the collet) and then return cutting the project? I thought I saw an opportunity to control this in an earlier version of CC. . . but then, maybe not.
I have not formally studied G-Code editing but I think this is something I can control by tweaking the G-Code. Does anyone have any experience with this or direct me to an explanation on how I can over-ride the retract height of the tool bit so I can change them?

I think the line that needs changing is G0Z10.000 The 10 mm seems to correspond to the height of the first bit.

I’m pretty darn sure this is a copy of the code that corresponds to the tool change from 3/16" to 1/4" . . .

M6 T201
M3 S8333

Many Thanks

What many people do (including me) is save each tool as a separate file. So if I am cutting something where I need to use a 1/4" bit, then a 1/8" bit then a 0.015" bit, I will have three files that I run after each bit change. For example:

My Project 0.2500 Bit.gcode
My Project 0.1250 Bit.gcode
My Project 0.0150 Bit.gcode.

The machine maintains zero (as long as you don’t hurk on the wrench and cause it so skip teeth) and you can just resume cutting after changing bits AND RE-ZEROING THE Z-AXIS. Also, ask me how I know about that one as well. . . :frowning:

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Hey Mad Hatter,
Thats what I am doing right now as a keep moving strategy. I thank you for the quick response.
I can only imagine "your trials with re-zeroing. My waste board and tool bits can tell you a couple of stories. Ahhhh the learning curve!

That line is a rapid move to a feed height. That happens after the tool change and the spindle is running. Grbl does not natively handle tool changes, so that is left to the gcode sender. If you want to lift higher before a tool change, you’d have to modify the gcode before you get to the M6 command.

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Thanks Neil, every bit of advice is helpful. I will experiment with the code some more. It would really be nice to finesse multiple changes in one run if possible.

There’s always this.