Educational Version of SolidWorks - $20USD or $40CAD Veterans and Active

This is my yearly reminder (since I have to renew again) that US and Canadian active duty and veterans can get the education version of Solid Works for $20USD/$40CAD per year.

Since this is the educational version, you can’t use it for a business, so I just use it for making fixtures for my SO3 and 3D printed things I put on Thingiverse.

EDIT: There is the maker version for $99/yr or $9.99/mo and you can make up to $2,000/yr with that license.


Be aware that if you want the CAM module, it is a significant additional cost. I love Solidworks, but the price for it and the CAM is just too much on a hobbyist budget… Shame. Fusion 360 learning curve is being climbed.


Yeah, I am using MeshCAM V8 for the few things I cut from SolidWorks models.

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Is HSMExpress not a viable option now?

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Ooooh, I am going to have to check that out tomorrow. Thanks, Will.

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Full HSMWorks extension is included with a subscription to F360. HSMXpress simply limits you to 2.5D operations as far as I know, certainly viable for the majority of CNC Router operations. Either option represents a pretty solid value.

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