Elaire experience

Anyone have any familiarity with the delivery time for Elaire Collets? They did not send a receipt or confirmation, and do not have a way to check on an order on line, and I placed my order for MRP-SET several weeks ago-and recieved a paypal acknowledgement immediately. I am chomping at the bit for my Makita collets to let me use the bits to chomp into all kinds of things!!

I bought one of the initial run, and then later bought a 1/4" collet to have the matched pair — as I recall, it shipped promptly, but with no notice, and a few days later (I’m fortunate to live near a major shipping hub) arrived in a padded envelope in my mail box.

Weeks doesn’t sound right — please contact them and see what they have to say. I suspect that they have limited stock, run them out in batches and your set needed something which they didn’t have on hand and had to put into the production queue and they failed to mention that.

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Thanks WIll,
I will wait for the mail today, then call and see what is up! I hate being on the phone following up with something only to have that something arrive with in the conversation…
Their home page still shows “Makita Router Collet Sets” as a “Hot Deal” just like it did when I ordered…that led me to believe they had an abundance of them they wanted to sell…could have ment their web guy has his attention elsewhere! In all honesty I have been too busy to work on much of anything, but if the collets were here, I would likely shift my priorities!

My order came in about 4 or 5 days. I didn’t get a confirmation either. I wondered for a couple days but I did get a paypal confirmation, I’ve deleted those so I can’t help much. Reassuring ???


It took a bout a week to get mine, 1/8" and 1/4".

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I finally called Elaire this morning. The gentleman I spoke to found my order instantaneously, and said said they had been out of two of the three collets and that they produced a run of both yesterday, and that my order would ship out today. He did apologize, and assured me the order would be en route to me today. More chomping at the bit for not being able to get the bit chomping, but the light at the end of refrigerator is on!

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It must be a pain to stock all those different collets. And if someone calls and orders ten of one type, they’re probably left scrambling to make-up the stock.

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Well, not quite this past Wednesday, but I just received a tracking notification just now with a number that is not yet available, meaning they printed a label today, but likely it won’t get picked up until Monday since Elaire is closed tomorrow and it is all but 5pm.
I am happy to get the tracking update, but not happy my collets were not shipped on Wednesday as I was assured repeatedly they would be. Is it a huge problem? No, but I am a firm believer in: Under promise and over deliver, and Say what you mean and mean what you say, and if there is an odd occurrence, letting those who will be affected know.

Yeah, I agree it is disappointing and hopefully an isolated case.

I did once order some collets for a Bosch Colt from Elaire and got them quite quickly.

I did just today order a 1/8" collet for my new Makita 701, hopefully it goes out soon.

Imagine my suprise to find a Piority Mail box at my door today with these inside! I expected to see them Wednesday or Thursday!
I guess my excuses are now almost all gone!

Now I just have to sew up the cuttings pickup system and get busy again!!

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