Electrical panel tags

Looking to make very simple engraved texts like the picture below.
I made this, but it took 16 minutes to run ( this is just a 1 x 2" piece)
any recommendations on material/plastic with an adhesive for this?
also looking for if I should be changing feed rates? just looking for some guidance on this, i know very simple compared to some of the items on here but i’m not sure how to figure out what specific bits i should be using for something like this? or if i need to be changing feed rates?

This stuff will cut as fast as your machine (which machine do you have?) can go.


Neil, I have the shapeoko Pro XXL. any tips on what style bit i should be running or how I could make this easier than what I am now? Thanks!

I would use a single line font for the text. CamBam fonts are great for this, although there are a lot of other fonts that would work.

I would use a 1/32" bit to 1/16" bit, depending on the text size you want. 1/16" might be a bit heavy. Those lines are about 0.040" - 0.050" wide? You should be able to cut the lettering and cut it out in about 1 minute with a single line font if you want a straight edge on the name plate. If you want a beveled edge, you’ll need a bit change.


Lead in and out lines vcarve, is there any way to just get rid of these to just make simple text?

Use a font which has rounded ends, or use a single line font, or a font which is so narrow that you can use a tiny endmill, or just the tip of a V endmill using a no offset contour toolpath.

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