Electrical Usage For 1 Hours Use

To be a tad lazy as I am creating a master list of materials and costs I use for my little garage business, has anyone calculated how much it costs on average to run your Shapeoko 3 for say a hours use? I use the Makita router now if that helps. I just want to get as accurate as possible with how I charge customers for usage instead of possibly really under cutting myself.

The Carbide Compact Router draws 6.5 amps when running at full speed — the machine ought to be around 2.5–3.5amps, depending on how hard the motors are running (they actually draw more current when holding position), so we can assume 10 amps w/ a bit of room to spare.

As the name implies, it’s 700 watts at full speed so to make things simple, we’ll assume 300 watts for the balance of the machine — 1 KWhr

So it ought to be a quarter or so per hour depending on your local rates — unless you’re running something with a heavy draw (such as an oven), it’s something you should factor in w/ your rent and other monthly overhead.


Your the man! Thank you so much!

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