Embedded bit in wasteboard: New carbide motion

I’m having problems with carbide motion. I was using an older version, tried to run a vcarve. After setting the zeros to the top of the stock and using the bitsetter, I started it, and it immediately started drilling down at the first spot, as if the z was at the bottom.

So I downloaded new versions of CC and CM. I have a shapeoko 4 XXL and it required new machine setup. I thought it had set up. It initialized, then setup bit setter. Then, I was browsing to a file to open…the machine started moving to initialize position…then just pressed the Z straight down, so that now it’s embedded in my waistboard and can’t move. If I try to reinitialize, it tries to move x/y first and just grinds, so I shut it off.

How do I manually raise Z so it’s not embedded?
And when resetting up a machine, do I need to disconnect bitsetter like I think I had to the first time I set it up?

Loosen the bit so it will come out of the collet. Depending on what Z you have you can manually turn the ballscrew/leadscrew and lift the router up. Then you can use some pliers to remove the bit stuck in the spoilboard.

I did not quite get if your got initialized or not but usually if you Z runs the wrong way during initialization you picked the wrong Z. The most common Z for a SO4 is the Z-Plus (leadscrew). The other option is the HDZ (ballscrew). The two Z’s run in opposite directions during initialization. So verify your Z type. The HDZ had a bearing at the bottom of the ballscrew. The Z-Plus had a metal stud with a hole in it that the leadscrew goes through. During the setup you should have been able to set up your BitSetter. Be sure to complete the setup completely.

If initialization ran good and on your job the router plunged down into the spoilboard go back to Carbide Create and double check your material height and if you set the Z to top or bottom of material.

Never replace a bit manually without going through the software interface. There is a load new tool button or if the software asks you to replace a bit then and only then replace a bit. If you just jog to the front and put in a bit the synchronization between the internal coordinates created during initialization and the last set Z zero is lost.

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Yes, I selected Z-Plus. I didn’t get the HDZ, so I assume I’m correct. I completed setup, but maybe something scrolled before I hit next.
The other issue of the first cut…I did check to make sure zero was set to top, and it was.
Thanks for the input. I’m going to go to try to get it unstuck again right now.

When setting up the bitsetter, I didn’t press save after moving over it.
I was sweaty in a hot garage using a touchpad on the laptop.
The movement was from changing the tool, it went to bitsetter thinking it was way in the back.
Was able to get it to work after resetting it up.


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