Embedded Text Problem

I went to import an SVG file that was created in AI and it would not bring in everything. The message I got was “The SVG contains embedded text which not supported by Carbide Create”???

In newer editions of CC I often get that same message from Inkscape converted bit map images to svg. My images are complete but text seems to be a problem for imported svg images in CC. Perhaps you need to look at Illustrator export to make sure it exports everything in your image.

If there are bitmap images embedded in the SVG, you’ll get an error because we don’t do anything with images in a vector program.

Embedded text is not likely to end up being correct when we import it so we don’t support that either. If your design has text, you should convert the text to curves in your design program before exporting the SVG.

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Can you share the svg?

Thanks everyone. I discovered that I needed to use .svgz instead of .svg in AI. That file was traceable.

I have this same problem whenever I try importing something I created in Inkscape I get the same embedded text message, I have tried trace bitmap function but still nothing imports. File attached.
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Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Convert the text to geometry in the tool which made the SVG.