Emergency stop blue led button purpose?

So what exactly does this button do? I read it’s supposed to be a pause button, but it doesn’t work as a pause for me, which is too bad. What is its purpose, and can it be assigned as a pause button?

That button is for “Feed-hold” — how it functions will depend on the specifics of your version of Carbide Motion — since it’s a new feature, it may need support in an updated version.

I have the latest version of CM (579), so it’s disappointing to see it not functioning. If I can hit the pause button in CM, I would think it would have been easy to use that function and link it to the button…

Is there value in the emergency stop button over just hitting the power button on the front of the Pro XXL? Is it just the visibility and size or something more significant. I have the Bitrunner and the router power shuts down with the press of the main power button.

Also, when I power on there is a clunk and a bit of a surge. Is that normal as the power gets to the stepper motors?

Visibility, ease of targeting, speed of access are the big arguments for a “proper” Emergency Stop button.

The possibility of wiring it so that it cuts off a trim router and/or vacuum which aren’t wired through a BitRunner/spindle control is another.

Yes, the “thunk” of the machine moving to the nearest full-step position as the motors power up is normal and expected.


On my S5Pro the pause button works great. I like how they chance the functionality to make it hold in place instead of raising. Works more like an industrial machine.


I have the 5 pro also and am using the latest version of carbide motion (not the beta) and the pause button does nothing. What version of carbide motion are you using?

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