Emergency Stop Movement

Is there a way, such as when the job is done and it is going back to home, to stop the gantry moving? A keyboard shortcut or something that can be added? I don’t want to have to hit my emergency button that kills power to everything since I could just be finishing a tool path and getting ready to change bits.

I ask because I recently had a tall piece and the clamps were kind of high. As it was moving back to home it hit the clamp. I purchased a dust boot yesterday and can see this becoming a more likely issue if I don’t carefully plan clamp locations.


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This has been brought up before, and I think the answer is you have to edit the G-code and drop the last comand (M30 - job finished I think?). Because that is when CM moves to the rear of the work space.


Yep that is one of those things that should be looked at, at least give the option to move away or not, maybe a check box that you can click to say I want or don’t want to move the gantry at the end of the job. I would however still expect the spindle to move up at the end so you can remove clamps or change bits.

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I would think they could add a big red button in Motion to stop all movement. Even the pause button during run raises the spindle and that could be an issue too.

It does raise the spindle at the end of the run, but if there is a tall piece without much clearance and depending on where it starts to go to home from a clamp might be in the way.

The last command in all my gCode is “M02” – “M02 M-Code End of Program”

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Yeah… I was at work and didn’t have access to any of my gcode files, so I just picked a number…

It was wrong. :confused:

I dont have an answer for your problem but I use the Myers Woodshop spoil board and cam cam clamp setup. The cam clamps solve a lot of problems with clamps that stick up high in the air. You can find his files for the cam clamps on youtube.com. Myers had the files on etsy.com for a few bucks or on his website for free. Check it out. By using the cam clamps I can set my retract height much lower and saves time when the bit goes up and down a lot.

I would love it if CM would not do anything but raise to the safe z height when a job completes. Had a few clamp mishaps ruined pieces because of it. It would also be nice for tool changes. There is a long thread about this as well but haven’t seen anything that looks like this is a consideration for a feature from what I could find.

I would also like to have a check box for end of program motion such as:

  • Retract Z to zero + 6mm
  • Retract Z to stop
  • Retract Z to stop and Y

In 428, with the VCarve change tool post-processor that @neilferreri provided, the spindle lifts and goes to the X0Y0 position and asks you to turn off the router and press OK and when you press OK, then it moves to the back.