Empty Toolpath?

Why do I keep getting “empty toolpath”??

Geometry needs to be wide enough to allow the tool — at least 10% wider than the endmill at its narrowest point.

Try using a smaller tool?

Or post the file and we’ll gladly look into this with you.

Thanks for quick response Will. Trying to make some new holdowns, I am trying to create 1/4 inch holes. I will do a bit change to 1/8 inch. Thanks again

make them just a hair bigger than 1/4", and then CC will generate a toolpath when using a 1/4" endmill

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Thanks for your advice, I will give that a try in the morning

I suggest you get some washers to go under your hold down screws if the hold downs are made of wood. If you make a recess on top of the slot then make the recess big enough to get a washer in the recess to not tear up your hold downs.


I did put in a recess for washers, but thanks anyway