Enabling / disabling toolpaths for GCode exporting

When generating GCode we need to do for each toolpath according to bit choice.

A useful feature would be to have a check box alongside each TP, to make it easier to enable or disable (rather than right-click / enable, etc).

Enable All & Disable All check boxes (at Group level) would also be really useful.

A related new feature might be to add Export GCode to the right-click menu, which would allow a user to quickly export individual GCodes without disabling at all.

Does enabling/disabling at the Group level not work?

@WillAdams -yes it does. But enable /disable check boxes would still be useful. I tend to run toolpaths separately (I am quite a new user and like to check each piece of work before moving on). If I have 10 toolpaths I need to disable all (right click / disable x 9) then Save GCode for the first one, followed by disable this one then enable of the remaining 9 (right click / enable / Save GCode / right click / disable). It is time consuming and there is potential for error.

Instead of check boxes (or as well as), right click / Save GCode (for that particular toolpath) would be a huge timesaver for the way that I use it, as I like to keep them all enabled so that I can see the simulation.

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